Cancelling travel plans for COVID-19 concerns

Last updated September 12, 2021

We understand this is a stressful time for everyone and, in many countries, a national emergency. We have staffed up our customer service agents and are working around the clock to issue credit refunds for all our guests. Unfortunately given these circumstances, we need to wait until we get written approval from the hotel as well as our supply partner. This process may take 30+ business days. Please sit tight as we all try and get through this difficult time together. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


1. If your booking is refundable and you want to cancel, please do so while your refund is guaranteed, within the cancellation policy.

If you do not wish to use the booking, it is your responsibility to cancel the booking during the refundable time period. Any cancellation request after the refundable period is not guaranteed and often could be rejected. Instructions on how to cancel your refundable booking can be found here.


2. If your booking is non-refundable and you want to cancel, please contact our support agents. We will do our best to negotiate a free cancellation and full refund on your behalf, however, all requests are subject to hotel and partner approval, so it is not guaranteed (details can be found here)

3. Hotel acceptance of cancellation. If you cancel your non-refundable booking and you have written hotel approval to waive any (or some) cancellation fees, please attach that to your form submission. Such information will help to expedite your case and significantly increase your chances to be refunded. To qualify, written approval must be from a hotel's general manager or reservation department and include:

  • Your name, check-in, and check-out dates
  • Your confirmation number from the booking confirmation email. If you do not know your confirmation number, you can have your last reservation resent to you here, or simply login and select the booking you made.
  • A statement from the hotel that the hotel agrees to waive any or some fees related to that booking (meaning that the booking can be refunded in full or partially)
  • Name, signature, and contact information of the approving party


When we receive your request, we will forward it to a hotel supplier who will validate it with the hotel. If approved, our supplier partner will inform us regarding the amount we could reimburse you. So if your hotel acceptance request will be not authorized by the hotel's general manager or reservation department, it will less likely be approved as we are a third-party booking site and subject to different rules with our hotel and travel partners. Thank you for understanding.